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Rohanna, 24
Canada, QC

Seeking men: 35 - 99

"Quiero conocer a alguien para formalizar una relación para formar una familia"

mina2020, 31
Canada, AB, Brooks

2 photos

Seeking men: 40 - 90

"I am the woman who is caring and loves to be true always. I have big hopes to meet a real man with who my life will start to be brighter. I don't expect any luxury. I can just enjoy morning kiss or drinking wine after work. I think it's so simple to be happy but people just always try to find difficulties. The main priority in my life is family. Love making people stronger. I can tell you that I'm..."

Jose Luis Salazar Mo, 55
Canada, ON, Toronto

2 photos

Seeking women: 44 - 50

"Soy un hombre tranquilo, alegre, espontáneo, de facil artista, con sentido de humanidad hacia los congeneres. Quien busca una relacion equilibrada, y con proyectos de vida serios."

Nisar, 69
Canada, AB, Calgary

5 photos

Seeking women: 52 - 63

"I am an adventurous man, considerate, caring with manner, honesty, kindness, friendliness, romantic and little sensitive let us a fraction of one hundredth and compassionate. I love camping, hiking, canoeing, and enjoy scenery along the road, hanging out together with friends or family. I am also the type of guy who has sincere, honest, down to earth and good moral values, and bit of traditional ..."

laura, 50
Canada, BC, Kelowna

1 photo

Seeking men: 50 - 99

"i’m fun, kinda sarcastic, loyal friend, faithful. Always working on myself to be the best I can be. Sometimes I get down like anyone but usually not for long!! I’m grateful for my family, friends and all the stuff God let’s me have and do!! Just wanna share my life with someone that thinks I hung the moon."

Mujer, 51
Canada, ON

Seeking men: 47 - 99

"Romantica trabajadora hogareña creatiba me gusta viajar ir al cine playa viajar y busco un hombre detallista y que les guste viajar ir al cine ir de compra"

Honey, 32
Canada, NS

Seeking men: From 50

"I treat people the way I want to be treated. ❤️"

Ana, 55
Canada, AB, Calgary

Seeking men: From 50

Nicole, 24
Canada, AB

1 photo

Seeking men: 18 - 99

Jay, 28
Canada, SK

Seeking women: 18 - 99


Sunny, 49
Canada, BC

Seeking men: 45 - 55

Evelyne, 36
Canada, QC, Laval

1 photo

Seeking men: From 34

"I am a awesome person provided I keep to my faith and keep happy I will be fine in life ,, life throws us ups and downs and it is how we deal with it ,, i can be angry at the world and ruin the rest of my life ,, with self destructive behaviors or learn from past mistakes, Mistakes and errors are the best teacher provided we listen and learn,, ya I am well I get up with this feeling like I have b..."

Mike, 34
Canada, ON

Seeking women: 18 - 21

george, 60
Canada, AB, Edmonton

5 photos

Seeking women: 35 - 60

"looking for woman to come to canada for long term relationship and marraige"

Yev, 40
Canada, QC

Seeking men: 37 - 45

Rome12, 43
Canada, ON, Toronto

1 photo

Seeking women: 24 - 50

"oiuiouio oiuiuiou ohiouiouio iouiouiouoi uiuiouiouiou iuiuiouiuiouio"

Xavier, 50
Canada, SK, Regina

7 photos

Seeking women: 35 - 53

"Hi I'm an easy going, I like to keep active, I love the outdoors, I love to travel"

millie, 30
Canada, ON, Toronto

2 photos

Seeking men: 29 - 99

"I am kind, gentle, sentimental and devoted mind, heart and soul to the happiness and well being of my soul mate with me he will never be alone."

Dani, 24
Canada, ON

Seeking men: 20 - 35

Leona, 56
Canada, BC

1 photo

Seeking men: 45 - 60

"Faithful, honest, compassionate, adventuresome, playful."

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